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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 8, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: thank you for joining us on this early monday morning we want to begin the broadcast with a check of weather and traffic.
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>>reporter: here as a live look at the bay bridge all little bit of a glaze going on this will mix out fairly quickly it will give you an idea how far this has gone the marine layer making is far worse a little bit and you can see along the east bay shore line here to the model have to say we get to the afternoon our.
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>>reporter: web going to see the warm-up happening some of my breeds of to lower 90s but basically an upper 80s story going to the evening hours fairly quickly with the sea the cool air in spelling into the valley and concede the next eight hours to 59 come a.m. by 12 known where about 78 is expecting most areas east of the hills of some of the north bay valley is. >>reporter: so far at this hour if you leave your home or we do not have any backup at the pain gets for the bay bridge toll
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plaza said and cisco be easy under 10 minutes out of the oakland signed the bridge also moving pretty well we're looking at westbound 92 and it looks like there is no traffic delays on either side we are checking in over yet the sea was about 92 getting over into the peninsula and in that connection come from the nimitz and over to the richmond san rafael bridge will have a couple cars trickling through the west about 580 wide in this problem free it will be about to minute drive from the east bay up to the norplant golden gate bridge checking in from freeing and highway 37 that will be only 20 minutes to get to install 101 through sausalito and on to the span into san francisco. >>james: to have all this
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flights are grounded because of a system outage is causing worldwide delays for the airline did confirm the troubles to a customer's early this morning off my setter on the ground have to stay there defies the in the air were told are just find it will lead to the destination where once there on the ground that is when the blaze was start to arrive of we will have a live report during the news and five with more of these delays also written over my a deadly explosion killed and 63 people at a hostel in northwest pakistan will have video just into the news room this morning the police said a suicide bomber carried out the attack but the government ran hospitals 70 people have been injured lawyers and journalists or at a hospital during the explosion after of body was shot. >>james: been no claims is possibilities for these attacks will continue to update you on the story as details come out a
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local college to shot dead while playing the game and san francisco to happen at a popular area in the city specifically in the quiet park area of identified the victim and 20 year-old calvin. >>reporter: this was the scene at the san francisco after a young man was shot around 10:00 saturday night and have been near a busy area in the city government the amount would have been a sophomore this fall at the delta college and stockton the college released a statement from the news of his death same where did with saddam but loss of one a block of is what
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families he was a great person from a great family he was a teammate the players love to be room. >>reporter: the staff also posted a statement saying " the community has just received the tragic news of the death of our recent graduate our hearts and prayers are with the family to name. >>james: last week reported that the man was playing the game in downtown san when he was confronted by a man or woman
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they thought he was recording the with his phone he attacked and stabbed them in the draw with a razor the bit in tells us he had to give 15 stitches. >>james: that man has not been identified as the 18 year-old the third shooting happened about 730 last night police a 17 year-old was killed and at shooting.
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>>reporter: the building says one man got sick after speeding on a wrapped candy and she was having trouble breathing as more people could getting sick and had to call for more help.
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>>reporter: they're involved taken to a sample of food from the party to see will have given people rations swollen tongues and racing heartbeats it comes an even from family members or caterer's not from the women's building one secure guard rule out the din of food as the culprit because he had applied for of feels fine.
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>>james: turn our attention to the live in rio and they have gotten off the great starts december look at the card metal, may have the most medals this morning and called 3 gold five silver and four bronze here is a look of some of the major events happening michael phelps tried add to his mother record in the 200 m butterfly the basketball team the tech on venezuelan in the men's gymnastics team qualified for the finals and are going for a medal today in. let's take a quick break to people were killed after a parachuting accident in san walking.
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>>james: not immediately clear
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what sparked the fire that will be part of the investigation must still run as far as 45 percent contained or burn 58,000 a. this say the when the berlin was miles an hour overnight for custom higher in the southwest section they do not expect full containment to the end of the month. >>james: this happen to an end
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is the chair of the weather >>reporter: for the most part are doing pretty good of our fifties you conceive for oakland and hayward concord 60 going on for livermore san jose and 6055 for san mateo the double digits
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in his opening 14 san francisco 1014 for concord also fires we heard about their affair filled about 20 about 64 san mateo 75 lower to middle sixties 61 for half moon bay losing some of the stronger influence 76 for red was silly paulo out so 77 down to the south but we're talking about or '80s 81 for san jose east bayshore learned will go of the round 74 for oakland 77 hayward.
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>>reporter: track of this one to be a little bit slow as you can see the red and orange on the screen backing up to 580 and looking at the drive time from dublin into fremont that's as the 24 minutes ago when a southbound that he sure freeway 12 minute trip from hercules to the maze that is not vast san jose looks good all the way to the 11 connector that is talking in under 10 minutes tech a quick peek into a seat on the left- hand side of the screen backing up into the palance other than that traffic is looking pretty good as you make your way out of oakland over to san francisco saw.
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>>james: the national average has dropped to 6¢ a gallon that is according to the latest number serving the price of gas has dropped a total 21¢ since early june the average price about 55¢ lower national league average price is a dollar and $2.12 per gallon different stories here is a look in some of the latest prices by region and open on average $2.67 san jose to our the 59¢ and san francisco covering different stores in california we are learning new details about the fatal skydive the accident one
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of the two skydivers who died was 18 years old job and for the first time i owner says yesterday began man's brother and others watching when he hit the ground with his instructor with found their bodies in a nearby vineyard in lodi's saturday morning. they're not identifying the to men just yet because they have been unable to notify one of the families involved the senses to live weather had nothing to do with the accident the conditions were ideal for skydiving at the time of the jump. >>reporter: a state lawmaker son
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died tragically while riding staccatos water slide in kansas he was 10 years old he was still riding guitar runs 17 stores slide at a water park in kansas city the father and his wife released a statement sunday that read impart since the day he was born abroad abundant enjoy and to our family the communication directed indicated sunday the called the tragedy was night it clear it is being taken over by state authorities as to remain shuttered.
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>>james: outside the fence so golden gate park has come to a close ally in a written was the headliner for day three of the council yesterday.
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>>james: 90 million people were using their phone of the network 205 percent increase compared to the first two days since the rumors of complained all mogul hero will not be happening anytime soon we will be right back.
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>>reporter: avoided if you can you concede cars going to be pretty slow and go this is right at the stone ridge drive exit on southbound a 80 getting down to fremont is want to take you. >>james: bird to the is backed money of her fans are not happy. >>reporter: she dances and skip the laundry and her make me music video with that is not
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enough for many of her fans this the second version of the video out a sexier clip was rejected prompted an on-line petition to release the first version will the 13,000 people had signed an. >>reporter: major key debuted atop the billboard two on the album charts is unavailable digitally the releases on cd august 12th if you want to see him on the big screen you will be waiting awhile longer possibly until 2018 the producer and writer talking to the web site compared to another x-men spinoff pointing out that surprise had seemed to come out of nowhere but actually would develop over 10 years >>james: would sell your local
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health officials are saying about the spreading of of virus i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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>>james: he would have been a sophomore in college police say it it was in random at the violence the part of public health to try to figure would made 19 people sick and
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celebration in san francisco mission district the victim is under six years ago this all the victims a the same on wrapped candy the have now identified was inside and the fire burning in monterey county is now 45 percent contained is burned 58,000 a. official do not expect full containment until the end of the month
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>>reporter: by high noon you can see mixing now accept along the immediate coast returning to tonight until tomorrow morning as you can see the release spills in pretty well and it does cover a good portion of the east bayshore line again and looks like a dissipates fairly quickly 56 level more comfort coming in at 60 will go to into the 60s by the early afternoon getting some areas of lower 90s will gold basically and 80
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storing it is to ensure line looks pretty nice will allot of '70s it returns the flow before midnight. >>reporter: we are tracking for east bay commuters if you're drive takes to the south about 680 we do have a tree down that has the right lane closed the issue the traffic alert about 20 minutes or so that are on the which is trying did this all cleared is strike a couple of cars to you to see lots of activities coffee and a 20
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minutes for the 4:00 hour you could avoid this area san jose looks good 87 over to the 101 spa and 15 minutes so far none. >>james: tell officials say those infected travel to areas where it was concentrated the virus cause birth defects including a condition that all the official said the rest of the virus is extremely low that is because the type of mosquito that transmits the virus is not native here the have not established populations here just yet thereof hundred and 34 cases across california staff to
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newborns and the state have birth defects including one right here in berkeley officials are encouraging women who are pregnant to avoid going to places where they're transmitting the virus mostly in latin america. >>james: hillary clinton is ahead of donald trump and the newest poll out this morning 90 days from the presidential election the latest news washington post shows a lack clinton with a point lead over donald trump doubling her lead from a month ago in some places by double digits the run and
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made it a tribute to the favorable numbers to herschel restore about working with families and children it was also during the dnc when the parents of a u.s. soldier killed they taunted him to criticize the family and sparked by partisan backlash
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>>james: the operation involved on the cover off supposing as prostitutes that intersection is only a few blocks away from their fear of high school the approach the undercover officers offered the money and drugs in exchange of various sex acts those people are arrested on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute 11 people booked into solano county jail a possible cause has been a list of hot air balloon the crash last week in texas the pilot might not have seen the power lines he may even try to make his way through the clouds and missing the power lines all 16 people and hot air balloon died when a call fire they're still looking into the definite calls but that is the
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leading theory of the study of people have been killed by a landslide in mexico due to a tropical storm sit. >>james: the demands from protesters from the shooting all caught on camera the camera you can see the low clouds hanging low over airport will see that translate into in the letters
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>>james: he is on the mound the pitch closing out their series at home against it would be the
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only run the score or they won't lose their lost eight of the last nine they began this serious tonight at the coliseum persius warming and the two wanted meter freestyle he won the 19 gold medal of the some of the career and the four buy 100 m freestyle letter to the hill this woman in the 200 m butterfly final >>james: will tell you a we a
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lot about that incident this morning down a trunk will give his economic plans in detroit and she will share plan later this week americans are working more and taken less time off would say the reason
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>>james: we it was started as a 38 a wild fire quickly grown to
4:45 am
nearly a thousand acres and your sense of the latest images firefighters fighting was called the pilot fire is burning in their pilot rock conservation camp the evacuation or on the way and the sun valley area it is not clear what sparked the fire one of two skydivers who died on was 18 years old and apparently jumping for the first time they were watching as he in the instructor came crashing down they say they're not identify the two dead men get the have not identified the families involved. >>reporter: for tonight it comes
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back selectively and portions of the east of a shoreline north to bay in the fifties we don't see any for java and all 55 san
4:47 am
mateo the warm-up it will be in the upper 80s and if you lower 90s potentially most of the blood ready to see off to the sacramento valley some grain hugging the peninsula a little bit returning this flow for the after midnight hours to concede making it into some of the inland balance ease to the shoreline and looks to be in the lower '70s to the middle '70s to restoring. >>reporter:.
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>>reporter: we're still falling this hotspot citizen pleasanton a tree is down ride this stone ridge drive the right lane is shut down chp has issued a special traffic alert the ryland is closed because the tree fell a to the right lane it did had a couple of vehicle so you may see a couple of those cars on the right-hand shoulder as you are coming from the dublin and to change taking a peek at the drive time getting from dublin in fremont that would take about 21 minutes on south 680 the e sure for when the cost could was bound 80 looks pretty
4:49 am
problem freeing absolutely 12 minutes and the commute through san jose. >>james: 2 people are recovering after two separate shootings in oakland police said the victim walk themselves to the hospital and is in stable condition at happen after midnight yesterday they found a man would been shot he was taken to the house will also listed in stable condition the girl from for the
4:50 am
video on facebook we report the protesters are calling for the prosecution of the officer. >>reporter: his death immediately prompted a protest after one month size and flour still adorn the column and a school where he worked as a cafeteria supervisor as well as a nearby government aware protesters camped out for weeks among the voices the family members and girlfriend who was with him when he was shot the,
4:51 am
the attorney announced he would appoint the special prosecutor to the case the minneapolis naacp and protesters criticized the choice he was a poor track record of holding the door is accountable. >>reporter: the have not said whether he plans to press charges against the officer. >>james: disney world is building a stone wall or an alligator killed toddler and florida their tickets cost about
4:52 am
putting rock barriers were the to your was killed in was two months ago when he was snatched by an alligator offense was all that was blocking off the beach businesses a new rock barrier should be finished by october. >>james: paramedic's believe the concertgoers over those from opiates like toxic home but after testing the victims they discover the majority of people to the positive for high amount of tea it seemed police found tons of and the bags they tried to the special can do is say something did not feel ride
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aboard is believed the can is were fake or using synthetic marijuana and can be anywhere from to 200 times more potent than natural 38 same pair is a live look outside the bay bridge approach track the building. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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4:56 am
ramon to foothill boulevard that is the best bet if you concede it is solid read all the way to the dublin interchange, >>james: according to a new study the financial well said determine the to the most educated communities palo alto, calif. city mullis the other top four maryland brookline massachusetts person loggias losing maryland again the night sky will be lit up for the annual meeting shower the
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: south about 680 nit that is with the tree is down block in the right-wing sister it's definitely a going to be your best alternate upheld the
5:01 am
marine layer may surmise how goes it will do so again and parts of the area. >>mark: major problems and the world all the airline.
5:02 am
>>darya: we are following this live to see how people are being affected. >>will tran: they're being affected by right now bring along lines they're not getting a lot of answers this is a line fidel's of sfo assistance as a national it continues to grow passengers to talk to one person about the minister of his flight was supposed to be 1130 last night he sat on the tarmac for a couple of hours when know where they told him to get off the plane he says it appears things are getting back to normal there was the board in front of you you conceive
5:03 am
arrogances on time that means on time moving for their so many people recall that happened in the overnight hours they have to be rebuilt they do not know what is one to happen. . >>: if you have a issue that you cannot control the customer service is one thing and the customer service has been really
5:04 am
pour. >>: firefly every week of this is not been good because they did not protect the diamond members of delta many fewer said they understand their workers but enough is enough. >>will tran: they're hoping to get on a flight they simply do not know the systemwide fare has caused a lot of people a lot of sleep and cost them a lot of frustration
5:05 am
>>james: this happen on empire ruled in oakland we have video from the scene with the show you the deaths will first reporter at about 145 and the 9900 block of empire rolled and you can see that the car caught fire that of the flames you see off in the distance.
5:06 am
>>mark: police six injured people are dead after an explosion and a hospital in northwestern pakistan police are investigating the death of a local college student who was shot and killed while playing the game at the tourist spot and san francisco. ask >>jackie sissel: we're ride above required part this is a popular spot according to family members of the 20 year-old was killed that is exactly what he was doing when he was shot your the person was identified as the victim the 20 year-old couch and rightly of san mateo according to the family members get come down to the park because it is a
5:07 am
popular place around 930 on saturday night ultimately he was shot once in the torso were up door is that there the run able to revive him and he was pronounced dead no indication exactly who the potential shooter in this case is but obviously everyone involved is very upset is a resident of san mateo with high school in san mateo played baseball all to the early in the up at the delta to play baseball the coast actually issued a statement saying we are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our delta baseball families he was loved by all those who knew him a 20 year-old was his best years ahead of him he was a huge part of our team reason the 2016 final four he will be true litmus test. >>jackie sissel: but never forgotten as sfo orders continue to hold as someone saw
5:08 am
or heard something involved in the shooting on saturday night if you heard anything saw anything suspicious reported because they do not have any leads on who the shooter may have been no was arrested in that case is. >>darya: they did not break any laws this according to richmond and some police chief in a letter to city officials say is that evidence gathered in the investigation into the content and the officer and the woman of bill that the officers of violating policies but did not
5:09 am
break laws several police officers have been under investigation for their interactions with her she is willing to offer some oakland and the more she said she had sex with multiple officers walk she was under age. >>mark: firefighters are battling a new wild fire and seven california the group to more than two square miles this is the pilot fire and its daughters of the afternoon yesterday the san bernardino national forest 55 mi. east of los angeles that have been ordered and the summit valley area firefighters said there were 20 mi. an hour winds and that helped the fire spread and for smokes nor to the hobby doesn't expected to be helping their today and update on the fire that is burning and northern california. >>mark: give progress of burning between carmel a big concern the fire is still growing at 90
5:10 am
square mile give containment of to 45% normal homes have a loss of 57 homes destroyed since the fire started on july 22nd when a person has died and three others have been injured sit firefighters boosted container from 45 to announce 60 percent just a few hours ago 60 percent contained started last tuesday know has been heard one structure has been destroyed and they do expect to have full containment of firefighters have reopened most of highway 128 and had to be close last week. >>darya: the united states is off to a great start the sec
5:11 am
alleged that the card metal, the big events that are coming up michael phelps to try and add to his metal record in the 200 m butterfly will have a special olympics section that is what you define the current model, a look ahead will we can expect from the presidential candidates in this 40 people are dead after landslides of mexico more severe weather on the way we track and the deadly storm that will make his way we will
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be right back
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grandma, want to play? maybe later sweetie. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. >>mark: now is a new storm with a new name that is threatening kabul and heavy rain arizona will fall in this from the breaking news desk. >>james: 40 people were killed in landslides over the weekend if we have new video showing you the aftermath of what people are dealing with the tropical storm hit mexico as a hurricane mountain communities and the mexican states and veracruz a still recovering you can see the when the still hammering the area that borders are preparing
5:16 am
for the newly formed tropical storm
5:17 am
>>reporter: what is left over from this will be drawn to the u.s. southwest and having monsoon rains from last week this will be added to an talking about more flooding and arizona by midweek or to others than back on the home from the fall to start the day a touch that will mix out very nicely with a
5:18 am
and '70s pterosaur and 77 hey were open 7486 on for san ramon for pleasanton in walnut creek high in the seven they forecast. >>reporter: we gradually climb to the upper 80s to finish up the week. >>reporter: you can see a lot of activity on the right-hand
5:19 am
shoulder the fire crews are trying to remove this the backed up all the way to the 586 '80s when it's your taken 680 and those of the city streets you could hot back on to the freeway no estimated time as to when this will be cleaned of keep that in mind the bay bridge toll plaza you concede major allies have not been turned on just yet san mateo bridge this
5:20 am
is moving quite well actually. >>darya: one of the two skydivers was 18 years old was jumping for the first time he was making a tandem jump with a veteran skydiving instructor their bodies landed in the vineyard is skydiving sentences the weather was perfect at the
5:21 am
time of the jump. >>mark: he is only focus on welcome americans to the post convention polls are all in and they consistently show still clinton has the opera and over donald trump. >>darya: it was released this morning it was conducted of the party convention helleri clinton has an average of four nonsupport compared to the 39%
5:22 am
they're preventing them from participating in the presidential debates and canada must be pulling in these 15% to participate and neither johnson are stein have enough support that will look and five national polls next month to make a final decision on who will participate the first of it is scheduled for september 5th prices are dropping of that may not last long a symbol of the current crisis next americans are working more and taken less time off will tell you the reason
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>>james: the exhausted all available leads the search had
5:33 am
indefinitely postponed if they get some new information that will resume the search at that point more for now is home to >>reporter: it was supposed to be a celebration for cobra and toward womanhood but at this and ambulances hist the security guard says one man arrested after eating wrapped candy and a girl was having trouble breathing may call 91 as more people and getting said firefighters had to call for help. >>reporter: the department of
5:34 am
public health is involved taking test samples of food from the party to see will may have given amassed brashest >>reporter: one security guard was out to dinner food and the call or because he had a whole plateful and still find
5:35 am
>>darya: 5 gunman wearing uniforms have adapted in american and australian and encapsuled called the security official said the two were the to from the vehicle on a main road near the american university. >>mark: it is extremely low because the type from ski to the transfer of the virus are not native to the bay area and there hundred and 34 cases of california to babies had been born with the virus in
5:36 am
california include one baby in berkeley. >>darya: time now is 535 happen now police are investigating the deadly shooting in hayward since friday and a man was found inside of a car he was shot and then the latest shooting happened about 730 last night. >>darya: it was about 1:00 this today the house caught fire in the firefighters say it started in the back of the house and the spread of it was under control was about 15 minutes and no one was hurt the pilot of the
5:37 am
balloon did not see power lines that were ahead of him and this is believe the pilot was trying to descend through britain cloud and did not notice those power lines that the balloon had before the crash and ended up catching on fire killing all 16 people on board. >>darya: a school is opening in the east but today just in time for the start of the new school year. >>mark: disney world is making more changes after a toddler was killed by an alligator in the
5:38 am
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5:41 am
>>mark: a man was shot in december tonya a part he was hospitalized and is in stable condition. >>darya: after of prostitution sting in fairfield undercover cops poses prostitute near texas street at pacific avenue address a few blocks away from fairfield high school.
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5:44 am
>>mark: due to a system outage is causing worldwide delays for the largest airlines they confront the trouble and sent out a message to customers the systems would down everywhere and hopefully will not be much longer getting an update this said the ground stoppage is now over bring in the other day coming up.
5:45 am
>>darya: police collared or random act of violence and happened and what part got to still old families that identified the victim the department of public help us try to figure out what made 19 people sick at a celebration this happen in the mission district saturday night before hospitalized with rashes on tongs and racing heartbeats it is taking samples of food from the party. >>reporter:, on city streets if
5:46 am
you need to get on to southbound 680 take foot hill and san ramon role that would be to run the closure if you're taking five aiding switching things over to the other hot spot this is a factor of until noon and this is down power lines
5:47 am
>>reporter: the woman that were very much east of the hills and others start to get into the '80s from the peninsula and the '60s making noted that clearing house 76er redwood city 77 for paulo out of 61 for half moon
5:48 am
bay and to lower '80s and work a mountain view maybe 78. >>darya: on saturday night here is video of a neighbor as they were morning upon hearing the news the 26 year-old mother was walking into the house with her daughter in with her husband when a gunman drove and a white honda civic and opened fire and this is are not sure this was
5:49 am
targeted or random the mother died at the scene and the daughter died from injuries yesterday morning. >>mark: there are alligators in the water all that new changes on the wake of the boy's death.
5:50 am
>>darya: the event sold out in 45 minutes and police handed out its stock in violation tickets outside of the house of in all this every year the giants on the road closing out against the washington nationals pitching line south cannot get anywhere he won a in is allowed two hits one run the it was a home run striking out
5:51 am
seven. they lost three to one and they were swept in the series off the loss state of the last nine games to begin the serious half against the baltimore orioles the first pitch is that 7 05 if he will play his final game on friday a yankee stadium and you come and adviser and an instructor.
5:52 am
>>mark: is in sharp contrast to that earlier decision to allow individuals for this gonna ipc is shown to condemn the russians years of doping deceptions including the 2014 para olympics she said of the corporate and she's swimming that wants to 100-meter michael phelps won the 1910 gold medal of his of the career and the 4 1
5:53 am
m. >>darya: later today alexander is taking home a gold medal he became the first male american sensors to meddle in the olympics in 32 years he won the silver individual foil. >>mark: after a young boy died on the world's tallest water slide what we'll learn about the accident that is coming of the 6:00 hour.
5:54 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: a computer outage grounds thousand of flights to the world's largest airline in the last 20 minutes the out just fixed with their major delays across the nation.
6:01 am
>>will tran: the turn the corner and they saw this one person said in the is like a convention at the delta ticket counter many of them were told to get back into another line to talk about people sleeping the
6:02 am
stassen error told me to get in the back of the line and.
6:03 am
>>will tran: pack the line continues to wraparound looks like a little bit shorter the what we saw one hour ago we talked about how the limited departures so far they're trying their very best you concede this is tommy moe won in san francisco international.
6:04 am
>>will tran: when you fly and when all things go well it is exhausting to have hours later he still did not take off finally they dollars we could tell them you have to get off the playing he is somewhere in this line.
6:05 am
>>reporter: we start things off with look at the embarcadero and is for an eye on to have a lot of fog and perfect is along the
6:06 am
east bay shoreline 59 conference 64 livermore. >>reporter: for south 680 installed ridge drive you conceive the residual deglazed on the southbound side of getting over to was about 580 you might want to stick it out until all of this backup has yet received it or you can howe on to city streets we still do
6:07 am
have a hot spot for the north bay this is scheduled until noon a downed power lines because of an accident in the crews are going to be there and they're hoping to have all wrapped up today switching things over to the new hot spot on the nimitz freeway traveling through haywood's out about 80 ride atkinson and accident on the shoulder this involving of motorcycle. >>james: this happen on empire roldan oakland the bill that we have to the news room shows you will please saw when they got their wish to place some of
6:08 am
that office of looking at collecting evidence that will offer support around 145 this morning police have not said how the incident started but it confirmed that two people were killed there was the third person involved that person hospitalized homicide unit 7 call to the scene this murder investigation to its initial phases will be from the latest developments will ditch on the story. . >>mark: a suicide bomber carry out the attack and a government run hospital stanley 70 others are injured lawyers and journalists were at a hospital
6:09 am
during the explosion after the body of a prominent activist lawyer was brought to the hospital so far no one is planned response building. >>darya: police are investigating the death of a local college student was shot and killed what he was playing the game at a popular tourist spot. >>jackie sissel: according to his family he was shot and killed was doing exactly that saturday night here is the person that was shot and killed the identify him as a 20 year- old calvin riley who lived in san mateo as he had come out to a car parked to play in the game at 93945 saturday night officials there are surely after
6:10 am
and they were told he was shot once in the torso and try to save his life he is a resident of san mattel and with a high- school ultimately enrolled as san walking delta junior college to play baseball his coltrane the baseball team pulled out a statement talking about the death of the 20 year-old where deeply saddened by the loss of one of our baseball families. >>jackie sissel: he was loved the 20 your his best years ahead he was a huge part of the team reaching the 2016 final four he will be truly missed but never forgotten rest in peace 27. >>jackie sissel: they're not saying they have any identifications will have committed this crime but they are asking for the public health it was a saturday night they believe their lots of people in the area some people
6:11 am
may have seen or heard something they're hoping to give them a call. >>mark: in a letter to city officials the chief says they gathered in the investigation into contact between the officers and the woman known as celeste the officers violated policies but did not break in lolls the police officers have been under investigation for interactions she is also the link offices in oakland and the more she has sent to multiple offices will she was under age seven officers and multiple departments would be placed on leave under the allegations. >>darya: a firefighter is battling a fast-moving wildfire that is going to southern california and is grown to two square miles in just a few hours.
6:12 am
>>darya: about 55 mi. east of lost angeles of back wages have been ordered in the summit of valley area and they're about 20 mi. an hour winds in that area that helped to fan the flames and smoke was pushing north to air quality is expected to be unhealthy in that area today they're making progress against to the fire that burned in northern california cities burning near carmel the big sur and moderate county it is grown to more than 90 square miles but at least is 45 percent contained as of this morning 57 homes have been destroyed since the fire started. >>darya: it could take until the end of the month to have a fully contained one person died and the fire and there have been three people injured some of
6:13 am
evacuation order lifted because they did both the contains numbers the fire started last tuesday afternoon no one has been injured one structure had been destroyed and was threatening and clothes i wear 128 every opened highway 128 after they had to close the last week. >>darya: hillary clinton continues to gain momentum see how far she has pulled ahead of donald trump a popular tourist destination door and by new storm just days after deadly mudslides.
6:14 am
6:15 am
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6:16 am
>>mark: in mexico over the week we are following the storm that has a name change we have some new video we can share with you this morning the shows, the devastation and destruction of
6:17 am
tropical storm and had mexico as a hurricane later downgraded but has not gone away. >>james: they're still recovering from the mud slides this morning. >>james: as you continue to follow the repercussions it impacts mexico alternately the united states.
6:18 am
>>reporter: 11:00 it looks like a make did win 70 mi. per hour that is potentially an upgrade this maybe a quick moving trend is changing system however for us in the southwest this may throw lot of moisture will give them of the egg and monsoon on steroids as a head into the middle to latter portion of this week a little bit on sure when hanging around san francisco a mount our when the 15 of to fairfield as far as a warm-up to
6:19 am
dave the '80s and the in spots lower 90s along the east bay shoreline this to a close inspection on the east bay shore line 74 for oakland concord up to 92 elsewhere mid to upper 80 territory walnut creek 86 in san ramon 85 for pleasanton we are looking for temperatures to slip a little bit for tomorrow. >>reporter: 04 a.m. all we had to hot spots we're calling this a hot spot but tree was down debt and cleared however the back of the has not we're still calling this a hot spot if you
6:20 am
want to get around this messy pantex city streets it will be foot hill in san ramon rosa the to that will get around this closure of switching things over to a couple drive times not that 17 minutes to the oakland a's dublin in fremont that is all because of this earlier tree for your south about 680 ride from san jose nine minutes on a 87. >>reporter: the bay bridge toll plaza is for the impact of the back of is not that bad it is the 880 of the crossing and the drive time is about 20 minutes. >>reporter: it is moving pretty well for westbound minded to ride--92 ride.
6:21 am
>>darya: we learned more about to skydivers who died into a northern california vineyard the accident happened saturday and said what king county one of the two skydivers were doing a jump he was a senior result in jumping for the first time he was making his jump attached to a veteran skydiver all of the were killed while they were doing this jump the teenager and his brothers and others were watching because this was a big treatises first dive ever and he in the instructor at the ground the owner of the sky diving center says that instructor was experienced at 700 jumps what
6:22 am
happened was there parachute did not open when they landed in a nearby vineyard. >>mark: she was killed are writing the towering 17 store water slide in propels them down as steep incline from a platform-denial falls it sends the raft up and down a second and klein. >>mark: donald trump has said to reveal the of the economic plan
6:23 am
today in detroit he's expected to walk back some of the tax cuts to make the most expensive is expected to unveil a detailed plans to and from the clinton will deliver was expected to be our major economic speech on thursday and >>mark: to have an average of 49 percent against donald trump 39%. >>darya: his son is backing down time for president to
6:24 am
george p. bush it was time to unite behind donald trump and stop hillary clinton is a break for the father he maintains he will not vote for trump after a bitter primary of former president also have withheld backing down trump he is a texas land commissioner 19 people get sick at the celebration will be right
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>reporter: you to see it is backed up past 880 over crossing extend the 20 minutes to get you from the oakland a's over to downtown san francisco we're checking things out of this season at the moment bad it is only 15 minutes on westbound 92. >>darya: 626 a nassau news
6:27 am
investigation is releasing more information about the deadly hot bloom crashed it happened at july 30th if
6:28 am
>>james: will have some high lead to real--rio.
6:29 am
>>mark: it rose 200 points on friday with a better than expected to line.
6:30 am
>>reporter: 59 for san jose's santa rosa is a cool spot. >>reporter: this is early tree
6:31 am
that went down the been cleared but we still have traffic delays that is been all marked of course you currency is that all the way of the five '80s went take the nimitz down that definitely will get you there faster.
6:32 am
>>mark: 1 man got sick after eating on a block party commanding one of the five pages and was treated but a number of them were admitted into the hospital. >>darya: orders have suspended the search for man who disappeared in oregon more than a week ago when 21 year-old is
6:33 am
from sebastopol he goes to the college in portland oregon he disappeared in a mount jefferson wilderness area on july 27th he was last seen the same day by another hiker more than 340 people have been searching for him covering hundreds of miles of snow area in rugged terrain and the national forest the cost of the surge of the weekend saying they have exhausted all of them leave this the number of cases in a limited county is not up to 10 >>darya: of the people who are infected at travel to areas where it is concentrated.
6:34 am
>>mark: the security officials said they were conducted from the vehicle a 17 year-old was
6:35 am
killed and at shooting he's expected to be a location a third victim later shoulder the costs will. >>james: we have michael phelps to have plans to bay area ties which will talk about there was a picture of her and not only did she get the metal.
6:36 am
>>james: there were two people to bay area tie-ins still ahead
6:37 am
to people recovering after two shootings the shooters are still on balloons would so you where happen.
6:38 am
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>>reporter: anoa turned out seven in washington this is right as you get off of the seoul agreed it is causing a big tobacco because all runs a block chp is updating us a special traffic alert to avoid a disclosure we want to take highway 84 you can take a
6:41 am
mission boulevard to get back to all the way up and over we're looking at the drive time of about an hour and 15 minutes. >>darya: the average price not in the united states has gone down 6¢ the average price is 216 a gallon the latest price drop is small and we might see prices going up it is still 55¢ lower than it was this time last year oakland the average is 267 a gallon in san francisco to 84 and turned on the timber to lure
6:42 am
six is on a roll back on again with the fog in respect a little mild breeze.
6:43 am
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6:44 am
>>mark: a quick look at the top stores to you're following delta airlines have begun limited flights that cause all flights to be grounded overnight in the thousands of people have been stranded there still delays worldwide a college student shot dead while playing the game in san francisco they say it was a random act of they think he was not targeted the 20 year-old was killed the department public health is trying to figure out what second 19 people at a celebration that happened in the mission district people want to the hospital with rashes fall and tongs and racing heartbeat
6:45 am
that of department is taking samples for food for the party. >>reporter: the fall the settled and the golden gate were strapped to consider a little the horizon of a little the declaring a little will warmer were expecting buy part two of your week here is what the models have to say it starts to clear of by this evening it starts to filter back then portions of the east bay shoreline the onshore flow gives us the service when the san francisco to oakland it picks up 13 concord their field about 15 over the next 24 hours for those tempted to see the warmer happening mostly copper '80s but a few lines are possible to
6:46 am
conceive the east bayshore line 7 this story but some '60s here was the cool down in effect the livermore valley first. >>reporter: we will go on with 77 for oakland richmond concord maybe 92 of '80s as you can see 85 for pleasance a walnut creek 86. >>reporter: this is a fremont the traffic alert has been issued but it is declaring stages since an overturned absence of about 680 in washington avenue u and jump on
6:47 am
the mission boulevard to get around this because drive times almost an hour and 15 minutes now on south on 680 we also had an earlier tree down from the stone ridge drive exit it didn't help matters this morning that start at about 4:00 a.m. our. >>reporter: king had a 23 minute commute from hercules to the oakland a's at this hour if you're traveling through downtown san jose you will be about 12 minutes on high with 87. >>darya: new elementary schools opening today just-in-time for the start of the new school year.
6:48 am
>>darya: it is the first elementary school in the district with a project launched does a program that is focused on science technology engineering in math to the bar recovering after two separate shootings in oakland. >>mark: the victim to consult to hospital and is in stable condition the second shooting happened after midnight a man was shot near san antonio park he was hospitalized and is also stable condition 11 people are behind bars after prostitution sting and fairfield and the cover of a supposed prostitutes near texas street and pacific avenue several people approached the officers and also the money and drugs in exchange for sex. >>mark: he shot and killed a for your girl and her mother and southern california to happen
6:49 am
outside of their home in long beach features video and it was gathering to mourn the incident she was walking tour home with her daughter and husband when a gunman drove and a white honda civic and opened fire they're not sure if it was targeted or random the mother died at the scene here for your daughter died from injuries. yesterday injuries >>darya: 9 annual outside lance festival is over and brought in lots of people to golden gate park some big headliners lionel richie will to the big drop in the third day of the concert ready ahead and lcd sound system with some of the other big names given sold out and 45 minutes of hell the first weekend in august every year the san francisco giants on the road closing of the series against the washington nationals maximum
6:50 am
garner on the mound as he pitched like to out he wanted innings and allowing just two hits a home run and seven strikeouts with the giants could get nothing old office of living. >>mark: they were shut out and one--lost the game when to nothing closing of the series at home against chicago cubs job and to the eight inning with filing for the a's on the border with a solo shot that would be the only run they will score the series of three games to nothing to have now lost eight of their last nine games they have 25 players and the disabled list that began the citizens of baltimore orioles. >>darya: citizen of belize park and is going up near the maryland murphy king trial it
6:51 am
will open some time october it is 1.5 a. and will be fenced with two separate areas once a small loss of one for larger dog in the area of the larger dogs will have structural hopes johnson stand so that in the trip cost we're looking for a name that will attract dog owners from all of the sitting-- city. >>mark: we will be right back.
6:52 am
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>>mark: he reportedly played his 300 rounds of golf as president on sunday the town was compiled by correspondent in the white house historian as he reaches the end of a second term in office is finding revers his golf handicap he says he is an honest 13 coming up revenue will
6:56 am
following two people murdered in oakland we will be right back with more news weather and traffic.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning and thank you let's go to dave foró but it has been cleared. but now another hot spot on the overturned accidents:h been cleared but the backup has not and traffic is ç1 night -- southbound 680.xí
7:00 am
this is what it looks like on the mound. it was right at southbound 680 and washington. crews have backed up all the way up toó-+s interchange you will see a drivetime of over one hour to get you from the 586 split=] through fremont. it will be ab 67 minutes. highway 84 and cut through niles canyon and mission boulevard and that will be a much better routes. another hot that happened last night. downed power lines affecting the roadways. southbound 1015p and the right lane still they hope to have this wrapped up at noon the traffic is slow approaching and passing the 1÷2 the bay bridge toll plaza is packed


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